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Specsavers Airport Ad

Why consistency isn’t a dirty word in marketing.

“I want ruthlessly consistent marketers, not creative ones” my VP said to the assembled room of global brand teams. There was a hush, then there was a murmur and when the beers started to flow that evening, there was more than a little “discussion.” But as hard as that is for brand owners to hear, he was right. Our job […]

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It is tough to identify your audience or audiences and deliver relevant messages to them. Route can help travel marketers to define their audience and deliver effective campaigns

Capturing Your Key Audience: Effective Strategies for Travel Advertising

Travel: a thrilling escape or a stressful juggle? We know it can be both! As advertisers, tapping into those “moments that matter” within the travel journey is crucial for grabbing attention and influencing audience decisions. But how do we navigate this emotional roller coaster and deliver impactful messages? Let’s break it down. Know your audience✅ The planner: Stressed, organised, seeking […]

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Contactless Payments for First Bus, Public Transport in Leeds

7 Essentials for Public Transport Marketers: Crafting Successful Campaigns

In today’s fast-paced and ever-changing world, marketers in the public transport sector face unique challenges. They need to reach a really diverse set of customer audiences, from daily commuters to infrequent travellers, while managing both time constraints and a raft of often very different communication channels. So here are seven key considerations for marketers aiming to create successful campaigns in […]

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Generator Studio sign

SEO 2024: Pioneering Trends in Digital Mastery

The world of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is in a constant state of flux, adapting to the rapidly transforming digital realm. As 2024 unfolds, we’re witnessing pivotal changes in SEO, necessitating a deep dive into the emerging trends. For businesses keen on elevating their online presence and driving organic traffic, staying ahead in this dynamic environment is more crucial than […]

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Image displaying the text "Northern Digital Awards 2024 Finalist" with transparent background

Shortlisted: Northern Digital Awards 2024

We’re kicking off the week by celebrating being shortlisted in four categories for the 2024 Northern Digital Awards in partnership with First Bus, The MHD Partnership, Cravens, and Woven Films.⤵️ ✅Best Digital Marketing Campaign (BC2) | Campaign: Concessions✅Best Digital Marketing Campaign (Travel/Leisure) | Campaign: Concessions✅Best Integrated Campaign | Campaign: Driver Recruitment ✅Best Use of Video | Campaign: Driver Recruitment A […]

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Screenshot of Rabbit Welfare's text promoting their Rabbiting On magazine

World Emoji Day

Today marks the 10th World Emoji Day! 🥳 👏 According to Amra & Elma LLC, emoji use has increased by around 775% over the last three years, and it’s not hard to see why. 👀 Whether you’re brightening a text ✨or punctuating a social post❗, emojis make a great addition to any message. In fact, according to Quintly, the use […]

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Social Media Day

Social Media Day

Our head of social Theo Daffurn and social account executive Amy Hart run down everything you need to know about the current social media landscape and what’s to come next. From Elon Musk buying Twitter and monetising the blue tick to AI shaking up the algorithm and influencers along with VR becoming an integral part of many brands’ strategies – […]

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James Taylor Biddable Account Specialist

Meet James Taylor, our Biddable Account Specialist

James Taylor, our Biddable Account Specialist has been working in Digital Marketing since 2004. Following completing a Computer Science degree he discovered his passion for SEO, paid search and Google Ads. Paid Search Marketing underpins a significant part of our client and campaign work. Working alongside Angela Bello, a fellow Biddable Account Specialist at Route, James works closely with our […]

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Image featuring the text "North East Marketing Awards 2022"

North East Marketing Awards 2022

It was great to celebrate the fantastic regional success stories at NE Marketing Awards last week. ✨ Huge thank you to Jess Sinton and Nigel Wright Recruitment for inviting our MD Darren Davidson to this year’s event.  It was also lovely to catch-up with ⭐️ Rachel Dalby, Phil Coverdale, Justin Barlow, Matthew Newman and James Sykes. We hope you all had a fabulous evening! Congratulations to all of the inspiring winners and […]

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Route Agency's Director, Ben Dascombe

Meet Ben Dascombe, Director

Ben Dascombe, our Director, initially started out in marketing in the 90s, working on the client side. He moved over to the agency side of the industry in 1997 to work at a specialist radio agency, before leaving to launch a media agency in London. He ran the agency with his partners for 17 years, helping to launch a number […]

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