Our head of social Theo Daffurn and social account executive Amy Hart run down everything you need to know about the current social media landscape and what’s to come next.

From Elon Musk buying Twitter and monetising the blue tick to AI shaking up the algorithm and influencers along with VR becoming an integral part of many brands’ strategies – social media continues to shape our realities both on and off-online.

Reflecting on the past 12-months Theo said: “Social media is ever evolving with the major platforms. They are doing everything in their power to maintain user engagement and attention to ensure that users are able to view ads at an increased rate.

“A multi-channel approach continues to be the best form of social media marketing. Businesses and brands need to ensure that they’re visible across all of the social media platforms their target audience are engaging with. Users are more likely to remember your brand or business and its offering if you keep appearing at
multiple touch points across different platforms. As the old saying goes ‘don’t put all your eggs in one basket’.”

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