Traditional Media

In today’s evolving marketing landscape, traditional media continues to play a vital role in effective advertising campaigns. Route provides clients a one-stop-shop for delivering integrated planning and buying of media campaigns of both traditional and new media, to provide a full-service offering. We help clients to use the diverse range of traditional media channels available to advertisers to help drive brand visibility and engage target audiences.

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Understanding Traditional Media

Traditional media encompasses time-honoured advertising channels, such as Linear Television, Radio or Out of Home (OOH or DOOH), that provide both reach and frequency in terms of delivering effective and engaging ads to target consumers locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally. Route can help clients by facilitating the power and function of traditional media in delivering impactful messages to consumers, supporting brand growth and customer acquisition.

Benefits of Traditional Media

Wide Reach and Broad Audience Coverage

Traditional media channels allow advertisers to reach large and diverse audiences, ensuring maximum exposure for your brand and message.

Targeting Specific Demographic Segments

Using media research enables targeting of specific demographic segments. Using media solutions such as Sky AdSmart or ITVX deliver highly targeted campaigns to specific audiences to generate cut-through, build brands and delivery conversions.

High Brand Visibility and Credibility

Through traditional media, businesses can establish a strong brand presence, garnering trust and credibility among their target audience.

Complementary Support for Digital Marketing Efforts

Traditional media channels work in synergy with digital marketing strategies, amplifying brand visibility and enhancing overall campaign performance.

Our Traditional Media Services

Discover our comprehensive range of traditional media services, designed to meet your advertising needs and leverage the power of various channels and learn about our approach to media strategy and traditional media planning, ensuring your campaigns are well-informed, targeted, and optimised for success.

Broadcast Advertising

We can assist in harnessing the reach and influence of television and radio to captivate audiences and drive brand recognition through compelling audio and visual storytelling.

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Print Advertising

Route can help clients engage their audiences with impactful print campaigns, leveraging the enduring power of newspapers and magazines to deliver your message, on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. We work with local, national and international publishers. We can also help plan and buy your insert activity.

Outdoor Advertising

Our team can help to maximise visibility and capture attention with outdoor advertising solutions, such as static and digital posters (billboards) and transit advertisements, strategically placed in high-traffic areas.

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Direct Mail Campaigns

We can help create personalised connections with your target audience through direct mail campaigns, delivering tangible messages directly to their letterbox or use leaflets through door drop media to engage with every household in a postal sector.

Speak to us about how we can help to create highly effective Social Media campaigns with integrated DM and eCRM activity to maximise your conversion and sales, data allowing.

Event Sponsorships and Partnerships

Route and its partners can help elevate your brand’s visibility by sponsoring or partnering with relevant events, reaching engaged audiences in a context that aligns with your business goals.

This might be a partnership with a local shopping centre, or a Premier League Football Shirt Sponsorship.

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Why Choose Our Traditional Media Services?

Discover the advantages of partnering with us for your traditional media needs, benefiting from our expertise, industry knowledge, and dedication to achieving your marketing objectives.

Through in-depth audience research and profiling, we identify the characteristics and behaviours of your target audience, enabling precise campaign targeting.

Our experts guide you in selecting the optimal traditional media channels that align with your goals and reach your target audience effectively.

Our talented partners can bring your brand’s story to life, creating captivating advertisements that resonate with your audience across traditional media platforms.

We work closely with you to manage your budget effectively, ensuring maximum return on investment by continuously optimising your traditional media campaigns.

Leveraging advanced analytics, such as Adalyser, we track and measure the performance of your traditional media campaigns, providing valuable insights to refine and improve future strategies.

Ready to embark on a successful traditional media campaign?

Contact our team today to discuss your goals and explore how our services can help you achieve marketing success. Take the next step in elevating your brand’s visibility and engaging your target audience effectively..