Happy World Friendship Day! 🤝🌍 Today, we’re celebrating the incredible friendship that kick started Route. ⤵️

It was at university where our Managing Director Darren Davidson and our Director Ben Dascombe first met. Following graduation, their paths continued to cross throughout their early careers in London’s advertising and marketing industry.

It was when Darren moved back to Newcastle that the pair became business partners. With prior experience of running an independent ad agency Darren knew Ben was the right person for the job and thankfully, Ben saw the potential within Route and took the plunge.

Reflecting on their friendship, Darren said: “I think we compliment each other. Ben has an inquisitive mind which is a strength particularly when it comes to marketing technology. While I’m good at remembering and distilling information. What’s key is our shared view that we always want to continually deliver industry leading work for our clients across the UK and beyond.”

Ben added: “We both have a similar mindset. When Darren asked me to help make Route a reality I knew instinctively that it was a good business opportunity and together we could make it not only work but excel. Since day one, we’ve never looked back and we continue to grow thanks in part to our strong friendship.”

While they’re a dynamic duo, the only thing they don’t agree on is…football. Darren is a life-long Newcastle United Football Club fan and Ben a Brighton supporter for over 15-years – so when there’s a match there’s always banter in the office!

A few years ago
Darren at Uni
Darren and Ben on the way to the Football