We’re proud to be supporting the Rabbit Welfare Association & Fund (RWAF) a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to “creating better tomorrows for all pet rabbits”.

Did you know, that despite being a popular pet in the UK, rabbits are amongst the most neglected, with many living out their days alone confined to a hutch.

The RWAF is the UK’s largest organisation for rabbit lovers. It aims to improve domestic rabbits’ health and welfare through campaigning, education and providing pet owners with the most up-to-date advice.

Over the past few months, Angela Bello, our Biddable Account Specialist, has been working with the RWAF team. Angela has two pet rabbits of her own, called Gordi and Rubi, and greatly appreciates the advice and guidance that the RWAF provides to (both new and current) rabbit owners.

Angela, and the wider Route team, recently launched a comprehensive Paid Search Campaign to promote its rabbit care tips, owner advice and membership messaging – as part of the charity’s digital marketing strategy.

We also manage the RWAF’s non-profit account Google Account, which is used for brand awareness campaigns and promoting helpful information.

It’s great to be working with a cause that aligns with our team and that, like ourselves, is based in the North East. With the New Year nearly upon us, we’re looking forward to working on RWAF’s exciting plans for 2024.