International Women’s Day is a day of celebration, promoting equality for females around the globe. But for us, it all starts within our own office by championing the incredibly talented women we have working at all levels here at Route!

Their drive, talent and commitment are unmatched. Each and everyday they bring a wealth of diverse thinking, experience and inclusivity. We feel incredibly lucky to have them on our team.

  • Sarah Thomas our Paid Social Media Manager
  • Angela Bello our Biddable Account Specialist
  • Molly Hughes our SEO Account Manager
  • Amy Hart our Account Executive
  • Nicole Wilson our Data Technician

But it’s not just about celebrating today, it’s about supporting our team as a whole 365 days of the year – from continued CPD to mentoring and modelling good leadership – to ensure everyone in our business can reach their full potential and smash their career goals.

International Women's Day
International Womens Day