LeedsCity Bus Award winning advertising campaign – changing customer behaviours and attitudes

LeedsCity bus consumers had lost faith in the service, let down by late buses, poor service and a perception of not getting value for money.​

It was a challenging job to persuade consumers to give LeedsCity a second chance.​

Fortunately, our team is extremely experienced and supports our clients through the whole buying process, from planning to execution and optimisation. Our focus was on working in partnership and delivering an outcome that delivered measurable value for the client. ​

This was about getting downloads on phones, as a measurement of conversion, and we managed to achieve that goal and exceed expectations, through a focussed and highly targeted strategy. We understood the audiences’ behaviours and intentions, carefully targeting them with messages we knew they wanted to hear and analysed the data throughout the life of the campaign to optimise spend at every opportunity, driving sales and awareness. ​

Let’s Get There Together Social Ad

We implemented and managed a​ multi-channel media campaign, reaching target audiences across key touchpoints to generate a change of behaviour.​

Campaign Investment:​


​Estimated Life Value Revenue attributed directly to activity: ​


13,000 new customer journeys are now taking place every week along the route.​

“This was a smart and focussed media execution using a range of channels to raise awareness of the route improvements and the value for money tickets downloaded via the First App gave customers. In addition to seeing a significant increase in customers on the route, we had over 2,000 App downloads in the five months the campaign ran, which will bring a long term, lifetime value to us of nearly £500,000, which offers significant ROI. ​

​The team are highly experienced and know how to get the most value out of our budgets. They take the time to understand our audiences and their behaviours, so they know exactly where and when to target them and through which channels. We’re looking forward to working with them on new campaigns in the coming months.”​ John Godfrey, Senior Marketing Manager, First Group​

Not only was this campaign successful in generating lots of new and repeat customers for LeedsCity Buses but it also gained industry recognition by winning the 2020 Global Local Campaign of The Year at the Global Biddable Media Awards.