First Bus Concessions Activity in West Yorkshire, York and Greater Manchester

Concessionary pass use is substantially below that of pre-covid levels. The aim of the campaign was to remind the eligible audience of all the great places and people they could be seeing by getting out and using the bus again. And to remind them that they get it for free. For the purposes of targeting, the audience could be anyone over the age of 65.

Activity ran across First Bus West Yorkshire area within the Local Authority areas of Leeds, Bradford, Halifax and Huddersfield. In addition to York and Greater Manchester.

Media was planned that indexed highly against the audience i.e. local press or where the audience are present in significant numbers (Out of Home) and can be specifically targeted i.e. Facebook and digital display.

Activity was also planned and implemented across Global Media’s radio and DOOH/OOH estate, in addition to the other paid & organic activity.

The clients needs were to maximise reach amongst target audience, increase web traffic and brand engagement, lift patronage and usage on bus routes.