Outperforming the clients brief to increase their digital sales of British made homeware

Cream Cornwall offer a range of high-quality homeware. Cornish heritage is key to the brand identity.

The business has two shops (a new shop is launching late March 2022 in Bath), located in Falmouth and St. Ives.

The brief was to increase online sales by an additional % in revenue to the YE2020, commencing in July. Sales had already shown growth year-on-year, but this was to be the first integrated marketing activity for the online store.

Route analysed the consumer purchase history and found some customer clusters. These customer clusters were identified using Experian’s Financial Strategy Segments and mapped. We also reviewed and understood what the competition were doing and saying.

We carried out desk research and analysed client data to identify opportunities and work with the client in partnership to refine and develop a plan for the remainder of the year to include the peak purchasing periods of Black Friday and Christmas.

The outputs were to restructure and refine a Google Shopping campaign, reduce historical click wastage and improve conversion rates, making sure that there were multiple creative executions that only displayed for the most relevant search queries. Some text campaigns were also refined for brand and some keyword queries, as well as some dynamic retargeting implemented.

A collection of images from Cream Cornwall's Reef collection
Cream Cornwall Pinterest Ads

Route also recommended a paid social media campaign to compliment the organic social media activity that was already being posted, to help bring in new users at the top of the shopping funnel and engage them with the brand and the online store.

A mix of creative messaging formats were used in Facebook and Instagram, eventually expanding to Pinterest as success grew.

Working with a modest budget we drove impressive results during the initial campaign period.

Visits Up 299%

Sessions Up 286%

Orders Up 236%

Sales Up 237%

The first tranche of activity was so successful that activity continued into 2021. Additional was added to the media mix with an emphasis of growing the reach and engagement with the brand.

The later part of 2020 and 2021 were both periods heavily affected by Covid-19 restrictions. It was essential for the brand to have strong online sales to pre-ordered stock, keep staff employed and make sure that when their retail shops were open, consumers already had some experience of the Cream Cornwall brand.